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The city is built to music
27th-May-2009 03:29 pm - Moved.
Moved my icon journal to the_spoils! I just posted some new Final Fantasy V icons there.
12th-May-2008 07:15 pm - Random Query
If I started posting CSS codes for livejournal layouts, would y'all be interested? I think my coding skills are about as great as my photoshop skills, at this point.
17th-Feb-2008 03:11 pm - Final Fantasy VI
So, I figured I should repost all my Final Fantasy VI icons, as you know, that's my favorite thing ever.

This makes me not the gay! -- 95 FFVICollapse )
28th-Mar-2007 07:45 pm - 96 Suikoden Icons
This will probably be the biggest icon post I ever make. All the old Suikoden icons, plus a lot of new ones, mostly Suikoden V because I'm playing it right now.

In retrospect I should have shot for 108...Collapse )

I'm also plugging the Video Game Iconist Awards because that's what I do lately. Nominate your favorite iconists :D It'll be fun!

Edited to add: It should be obvious that I have a lot of Suikoden art saved on my computer. So if you want to see a particular character iconed, feel free to put in a request! Or if you just want to see the original art, or something.
25th-Mar-2007 10:12 am - 21 Final Fantasy IV
As some of you have no doubt noticed, all the images are broken here. Rather than going back and trying to edit every post, I am going to just repost everything and include some new icons along the way. I hope everyone's okay with that. First up: Final Fantasy IV!

When early 90s franchises combine, I am CAPTAIN ZEMUS!Collapse )
24th-Aug-2006 10:45 am - Chronicles of Prydain
Because children's fantasy that isn't Harry Potter needs to be iconed more.

22 Chronicles of PrydainCollapse )

I know, two posts in as many days, what is the world coming to?
13th-Apr-2006 11:30 pm - Moving on.
I'm keeping this account as a icon/resource dump, or something. Updates are now at terra. I totally added you all.
4th-Apr-2006 10:12 pm - Poorly made icons.
These are a bunch of really random icons I either made to match my journal or because I was really bored.

Random collection of icons made over the last month or so.Collapse )
17th-Mar-2006 06:13 pm - New LJ Layout!
New layout at antigonist. Mafia Leon by way of F. Scott Fitzgerald. (My mind works in odd ways.)

And, er, EEEEEEEE!!! Number one kill-for finally made it to the troubles list. (I may have reported it...I feel so dirty!) Er. I know rydia and _skydancer are happy with that update.

Actual updates later.
23rd-Jan-2006 12:17 am - Affiliates!
So I went through and added lots of affiliates to various fanlistings, mainly Veracity. Veracity is open to shrine affiliations too, if you're crazy enough.

Fixed the network section at astarael. Also tweaked the layout slightly so it'd be a bit faster loading. Yes, it did take me all day, because I made little matching images for each site AND I had to go see Underworld 2. Also, the affiliates page at the domain has been updated, mainly I added a little matching image that no one will be able to use as a link button. Still, o affiliates, find out what fandom-related image I chose to represent you! See if I made an appropriate choice. Also, shorelle has been promoted from "person I stalk" to "affiliate". Awesome!

I'll be doing the links list tomorrow so, if you have something urgent you want to contribute there, you should tell me now. I'm always open to link exchanges.

I'm thinking about just using the Pride and Prejudice layout I made for Antigone at Nine Days Queen, my hiatusy personal site. I really, really like the layout and feel its time was cut short. Plus, I'm kind of layout blocked right now. But it might seem a bit shady just to recycle so bluntly. Bah. In the meantime you can look at my old blog entries if you want?

Also, Loe, who used to be an affiliate of mine, has returned after a longtime hiatus! Give her a visit!
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