January 2nd, 2006


This update delayed by His Majesty's Navy

Okay, so I've gotten all my book fanlistings up, and with new layouts. This includes The Three Musketeers and Romeo and Juliet, the latter of which I gave a new name and added new codes as well. Not to worry, I still suck at making codes, but now there's at least some variety.

I also uploaded a guestbook. I made the layout some time ago, when I was heavy into Perceval. Chrétien de Troyes is awesome, by the by, and I'm not really familiar with Arthurian legend outside of 12th century French sources, so...don't ask me about it :P I also added as many entries from old guestbooks I could find, alas, I know I'm missing more than half of them. Oh well, now there's no pressure to sign it because of general emptiness.

Internet access has been sporatic, as there's been stormy weather and it's been knocking out cables for miles around. I've been filling the time with newly accquired Horatio Hornblower DVDs, but I finished them tonight. Alas! I have a new Aubrey/Maturin book to fill the void, though.