January 23rd, 2006



So I went through and added lots of affiliates to various fanlistings, mainly Veracity. Veracity is open to shrine affiliations too, if you're crazy enough.

Fixed the network section at astarael. Also tweaked the layout slightly so it'd be a bit faster loading. Yes, it did take me all day, because I made little matching images for each site AND I had to go see Underworld 2. Also, the affiliates page at the domain has been updated, mainly I added a little matching image that no one will be able to use as a link button. Still, o affiliates, find out what fandom-related image I chose to represent you! See if I made an appropriate choice. Also, shorelle has been promoted from "person I stalk" to "affiliate". Awesome!

I'll be doing the links list tomorrow so, if you have something urgent you want to contribute there, you should tell me now. I'm always open to link exchanges.

I'm thinking about just using the Pride and Prejudice layout I made for Antigone at Nine Days Queen, my hiatusy personal site. I really, really like the layout and feel its time was cut short. Plus, I'm kind of layout blocked right now. But it might seem a bit shady just to recycle so bluntly. Bah. In the meantime you can look at my old blog entries if you want?

Also, Loe, who used to be an affiliate of mine, has returned after a longtime hiatus! Give her a visit!