This update delayed by His Majesty's Navy

Okay, so I've gotten all my book fanlistings up, and with new layouts. This includes The Three Musketeers and Romeo and Juliet, the latter of which I gave a new name and added new codes as well. Not to worry, I still suck at making codes, but now there's at least some variety.

I also uploaded a guestbook. I made the layout some time ago, when I was heavy into Perceval. Chrétien de Troyes is awesome, by the by, and I'm not really familiar with Arthurian legend outside of 12th century French sources, so...don't ask me about it :P I also added as many entries from old guestbooks I could find, alas, I know I'm missing more than half of them. Oh well, now there's no pressure to sign it because of general emptiness.

Internet access has been sporatic, as there's been stormy weather and it's been knocking out cables for miles around. I've been filling the time with newly accquired Horatio Hornblower DVDs, but I finished them tonight. Alas! I have a new Aubrey/Maturin book to fill the void, though.

What is happening?!

Okay, I was in the process of moving everything to astarael when there was a problem with the name-servers, resulting in both domains being down until expired. I have everything, and should be uploading sites to their new locations within the next week. Expect updates with Bridget Jones style fragmentation and comments! (vg)

This is what I want to get done over winter break:

  1. Move everything to astarael.

  2. Open astarael and have actual working domain again.

  3. Revitalize fanlistings with new layouts and content.

  4. Open personal site.

Here are things I feel I may get done over winter break:

  1. Vincent site. Work on it.

  2. Celes site, completed and essay-tastic.

  3. Some sort of further Old Kingdom Project. Everyone should make OK sites and we could have a network!

On another note, would anyone be interested in hosting a personal site and journal made by me? I'm not sure I'll need it, but I'm keeping my options domain takes up just over 200MBs, and if I can get it under and save much dollars by moving one site, I will. Must be tolerant of my religous and political beliefs and of my back-woods American spellings. (I think those are the only controversial things on my site? I'm politically liberal and a crazed Protestant if you didn't know.) Er, also, if you want to see my HTML skillz, I can comply, but I'd rather someone offer on force of personality alone. Because I'm lazy, really.

Dilemna, dilemna.

Okay, so, I'm much poorer than I usually am this time of year, and I want to buy my family nice presents this year. Which presents a problem, as my domain renewal is in mid-December. will cost $60 to renew, and that's if I can properly convince nunames that it's mine. So basically, I have a choice: I can either shell out sixty dollars and be absolutely dirt broke for a month, or I can move to, which costs $8 to renew, or to some completely brand new domain. I'm leaning towards the middle choice right now, but it will be a pain to rebuild all the link traffic and emailing all my affiliates, fanlisting members, filling in all the moved forms, etc. On the other hand, it would be a good chance to review everything I have going and revise those sites that need it.

Anyway, I'd like feedback on this, so please speak up :)

Affiliates and a Fanlisting

Today, Libertine has a new affiliate, Nao's absolutely amazing Cloud shrine Asperity, which you should all visit if you haven't lately. Lots of new content and a pretty pretty layout for pretty pretty Cloud.

Also, Seventh Sage has a new affiliate :)

Today I worked some on my personal site, where I'm slowly sorting through Wordpress's abominable new theme system. I also spent a good part of the day getting my photoshop to work, but at the end of it, I have this. It's not actually up and working yet, but I made the layout part of it. (Mainly it was me going crazy with my recently redownloaded grunge brush collection.) Tomorrow I have to figure out how to work Enth from another domain. Anyway, bellweilder, I made you a button that you can use if you want :) (I actually had a weird dream where I met you on a train last night. How disturbing of me.)

If you haven't already, check out _update, where you can find updates like these from much more interesting networks.